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Snow Wee Folk Build a Set

Doll Size

This listing is where you can create your own Snow family.

We hand-make the capes and hats from wool. Their wooden bodies are sealed in child-safe, natural oils. Due to variations in wood grain each set is unique.

Doll Sizes

  • Oak Gnome (Large Papa) - 11.5cm
  • Oak Poppet (Large Papa) - 9.5cm
  • Elm Gnome (Large Mama) - 11cm
  • Elm Poppet (Large Mama) - 9.5cm
  • Branch Gnome (Small Papa) - 8cm
  • Branch Poppet (Small Papa) - 6.5cm
  • Twig (Small Mama) - 7cm
  • Twig (Small Mama) - 5.5cm
  • Sprig Gnome - 6cm
  • Sprig Poppet - 4.5cm
  • Sprout Gnome - 4.5cm
  • Sprout Poppet - 3.5cm
  • Sling for Sprout - Only able to be worn by Oak and Elm.

You can make families with large parents (Oak & Elm) or small parents (Branch & Twig).

Clothing is non-removable.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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