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Seaside Poppets Build a Set

Doll Size
Fern Green
Light Blue
Caribbean Blue
Steel Blue
Ocean Blue
Bottle Blue

Would you like to create a doll set that reflects your family? Do you need to add a specific doll to one of our pre-made sets? You're in the right place.

You can make families with large parents (Oak & Elm) or small parents (Branch & Twig). Only large parents can carry the sling and only the smallest doll (Sprout) can fit in the sling.

Hats are non-removable.

Ages 3 and up.

    • Oak (Large Papa) - 9.5cm
    • Mama (Large Mama) - 9.5cm
    • Branch (Small Papa) - 6.5cm
    • Twig (Small Mama) - 5.5cm
    • Sprig - 4.5cm
    • Sprout - 3.5cm
    • Sling for Sprout - able to be worn by Oak and Elm (large parents) only.
  • The Poppets wear crocheted woollen caps. Their solid wooden bodies are sealed in child-safe, natural oils.
  • Our dolls come gift wrapped and if you would like a personalised card please add a note at checkout. We strive to use all packaging made from recycled paper and use fully recyclable mailers.

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