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Blueberry Fairies


We stitch our fairies with exquisite care and love ready for your darlings to play with.

After years of making these dolls for our own children, we know they are truly made to last and bring years of open-ended, magical play.

Their clothing is hand-stitched from beautiful woollen felt and their wooden bodies are sealed in child-safe, natural oils. The clothing is non-removable.

There are three sizes and two different styles - flower and leaf.

  • Small Fairies - 3.5cm
  • Medium Fairies - 4.5cm
  • Large Fairies - Flower 5.5cm & Leaf 6.5cm

 Ages 3 and up.


Healing Dolls

We are deeply honoured that people choose our fairies as healing dolls. We've heard incredible stories of children playing and talking with them and how much they are loved.

We have included photos of family groupings to help you with choosing the right sized dolls. 

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