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Wooden Knitting Fork

This wooden knitting fork is a great tool to introduce the art of knitting. Because it's so simple to use, young children will enjoy the results while gaining pride and confidence in their abilities. 

The Vikings used knitting forks (which they called lucets) to make cord. Use your knitting fork to make rope, belts, pretend horse reins, necklaces, bag straps, or sew it together to make coasters and seat cushions. 

Simply wrap yarn around the tongs like a figure 8 to start, then turn and pull the previous loop over the new one. Repeat this step to create cord to your desired length.

We have 16ply Australian wool available, which is a wonderfully thick yarn for luceting beginners.  Bundled with a book and wool, our knitting fork set makes the perfect gift.

Ages 4 and up.

Hardwood finished with natural oils.

Includes wooden knitting fork. Wool sold separately. 

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