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Stockmar Watercolour Paints

The Stockmar Paint Basic Assortment provides the foundations for mixing a comprehensive colour wheel: three cool primary colours and three warm primary colours. These bottles contain a concentrated paint, ready to be diluted as desired. A few drops in 10mls of water is enough to get started. Mixed in this way, this set will last for years to come. 

Stockmar Watercolour Paints are known for their excellent clarity natural transparency light-resistance and scumbling properties. The colour range follows the extended version of Goethe's 'Theory of Colours.' Each tone has been adjusted so that it can be mixed well with the others. Harmonious intermediate gradations and boundary-less colour blending are also possible when using the wet-on-wet technique.

They can be used with all usual watercolouring techniques. Stockmar watercolours are ideal for transparent painting and when mixed with white can be used for non-transparent painting. They are produced from gum arabic and the finest light-resistant colour pigments have a very high yield-value and remain completely water-soluble when dry. The colour tones have been chosen so that they can be mixed to yield all intermediate shades without losing their brilliance and intensity. 

Set includes: 01 Carmine Red 02 Vermillion 04 Golden Yellow 05 Lemon Yellow 10 Ultramarine Blue 18 Prussian Blue 

Tried and tested in art education at schools and kindergartens, these non-toxic paints are long-lasting and remain completely water soluble when dry.

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