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Our Caravan Home

Our family's caravan home for living on the road

Our family has always loved exploring different places but never liked all the packing, unpacking, messy camp malarkey. We tried a few different ways of travelling with kids - tents, a pop-up trailer, camper vans and staying in campground cabins or hotels, but nothing felt quite right until we found our caravan. To be honest, we are complete homebodies so we wanted the best of both worlds, we needed a cosy portable home that gave us the freedom to travel where we wanted without all the usual traveling hassle.

We found a Spaceline caravan with original 70’s upholstery, linoleum, and wall to wall wood, which although it was pretty cool we wanted a fresher, brighter home so embarked on a complete makeover and are thrilled with how it turned out. You can see some before and after shots here.


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