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Before deciding to travel around Australia we lived in the Cairns area, in Far North Queensland. Neither of us grew up in the tropics so when we first moved there it felt pretty surreal that you could take a 45min boat ride and be on a picture perfect tropical island! But you can, and you totally should!!

We have been multiple times and love that you can either camp for super cheap or stay at the resort which runs some pretty great specials (if you are locals be sure to ask for a deal). 



   Our top tips

  • If it is stinger season, rent a singer suit, no question. Ask the staff if it is stinger season, do not expect to be told. A plus is that in your full body lycra catsuit you don't have to worry about suncreen!
  • The best snorkelling is at the very top of the bay by Shark Fin Rock. Walk as far north up the beach as you can go, there are lovely shady spots to sit under the trees and then snorkel directly out from there and around the corner.
  • Do not expect good snorkelling in front of the resort except for around fish feeding time at the jetty. There is no coral near the resort.
  • You can hire paddle boards, kayaks and stinger suits from the resort.
  • A must is to hire kayaks and paddle around to Little Fitzroy Island and do the short walk to the top. The best part is that as you kayak, if you have a double, one person paddles while the other person drifts along holding the kayak and snorkelling over the most amazing coral.
  • If you have time to do the glass bottom boat tour at the start of your visit you then know exactly where to head with your snorkel. Also good for non-snorkellers.
  • Hiking to the peak is awesome, the 360 views are stunning. Be sure to leave in the morning so that you don't get stuck in the midday sun, it's hot up there! We choose the peek over the lighthouse walk as it's views are far more impressive and you walk down a different way.
  • To save money you can camp, but then treat yourself to dinners at the seaside bar.
  • The resort rooms with full kitchens are also a great way of saving money and having all your normal meals. They slept all 3 of our kids.
  • Sunset is stunning. If mosquitoes bother you head out to the jetty.
  • We do the Nudy Beach walk on our last day when we are all done with snorkelling, it's a lovely walk and beautiful beach, but we wouldn't set up to snorkel from there as it not as good as the other end.
  • Before the day trippers arrive, or after they leave, you can swim out and use the ocean trampoline for free. Somersaulting in your lycra catsuit is a must right?!
  • Our kids loved night swimming in the resort pool - what kid doesn't think underwater blue lighting is cool!

We can't wait to go back!


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